Welcome to Rescue Riders!

Welcome to Rescue Riders

The Rescue Riders was established to exemplify how bikers as individuals, and collectively, make our great nation a safer and more compassionate place to live.

We accomplish our mission by recruiting bikers into public service in support of each other, our communities and our nation. We do this by helping provide our volunteers with the tools and training needed to provide emergency assistance in times of need.

Rescue Riders offer assistance on an individual basis as Good Samaritan’s, and directly support motorcycle riding groups and professional emergency response organizations in times of need. Quite simply, Rescue Riders invest their time in helping those in need.

How can you help further the Rescue Ride Mission?

We are always in need of trained volunteers to help support the motorcycling community and fellow citizens.

You never know when an accident and/or an unfortunate event will happen.  An incident could happen at home, work, sporting event, concert, while riding with friends, on a bicycle ride, on vacation, you get the idea. 

Our volunteers have saved lives and prevented further injury in many incidents that occurred in the places listed above.

You could help our mission by:

  • Donate Funds
  • Share your time by getting trained
  • Support riders at various rides following our Ride for a Reason(R) Program.
  • Volunteer on a committee to help out our Officers
  • Attend a General Members Meeting to see where you could help
  • Attend a Meet and Greet event when scheduled, to meet the Rescue Riders in your area and be a part of the team
  • Organize a group in your area that would get together and promote our cause and our mission to help others
  • Check in often on this website to keep connected with Rescue Rider members, news, events, and register for missions. 
  • Tell of about an event in your area so we can add it to the calendar.
"I cannot thank you enough for the relief it brings to have trained first responders on our run..."

Jeremy - Mutual Ground Motorcycle Run

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Contact Us:

Rescue Riders NFP
1144 E. State St.
Suite A-129
Geneva, IL 60134

Phone:  877-510-9533

Email:  info@rescueriders.org

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